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      [toggle title="Featured House Brew"] Baroida

      Name: BAROIDA
      Single Origin

      Elevation: 1,600 – 1,865 meters
      Varieties: Typica, Bourbon, Arusha, MondoNovo (less than 10% Caturra,)

      When many people first think of Papua New Guinea, they think of a remote, diverse, beautiful, yet strange place, and, we admit, Papua New Guinea is all those things. In this complex place, the Colbran family continues – each year – to redefine the coffee of the Eastern Highlands. This year, we focused even more on small, meticulously sorted lots of coffee from different times of the harvest, and it won’t disappoint. Baroida brings a blend of sweet and savory notes, coupled with stone fruit and molasses.

      *Baroida can be purchased as a retail bag in store.

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      Rustico began with a quest to build a rustic, complex, satisfying espresso blend out of coffees from the best, most exciting certified organic farms we knew of. The result was extraordinary; deep, delicious, complex, and compelling. Over the years, we realized that an important part of Rustico was the sundried natural Ethiopian component; the layer of deep fruit atop the base of chocolate, nut, and pastry flavors. This note has become the focus of the blend, building the coffees around it, celebrating its mouthwatering fullness of flavor.

      *Rustico can be purchased as a retail bag in store.

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      Counter Culture Logo

      Counter Culture Coffee embodies a relentless pursuit of coffee perfection. We are driven by a commitment to create cutting-edge coffee people, and we are dedicated to real social, environmental, and fiscal sustainability.


    • Tea

      • Chamomile Medley
      • China Breakfast
      • Coconut Oolong
      • Earl Grey Supreme
      • Iced Blueberry
      • Jade Cloud
      • Jasmine Green Tea
      • Matcha Green Tea
      • Moroccan Mint
      • Tangerine Ginger (Caffeine Free)
      • White Rose

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      • Iron Goddess of Mercy
      (Ti Guanyin)

      Iron Goddess of Mercy Oolong_L
      A specially baked tea made to order for Rishi Tea each spring and winter. Tae Guan Yin is known as Iron Goddess of Mercy and is the most famous oolong tea. Our special grade of this tea is hand-harvested from the soft stem Wu-Yi tea bush cultivar that is descended from the original tea bushes introduced to Taiwan from Fujian in the 19th Century. Made according to the traditional Tae Guan Yin oxidation and bamboo coal baking techniques developed in China’s Fujian province, our Iron Goddess of Mercy is a special treat for oolong tea lovers.

      Tasting Notes: Smooth and rich with aromas of roasted chestnut and notes of dried apricot
      Ingredients: Oolong tea.

      • Silver Needle


      An exclusive blend of 1st Flush, single bud grades of Fuding Da Hao from Fujian, combined with Mengku Da Yeh and Menghai Da Yeh buds from Yunnan. Our Silver Needle Premium is very unique due to our blend of smooth, umami teas from Fujian and fruity, rich teas from Yunnan. Silver Needle has a smooth nectar like body with a subtle sweet flavor and fruity aroma, and is our most popular white tea. It is best brewed using a generous amount of tealeaves, and by steeping one serving multiple times.

      Tasting Notes: Reserve white tea with a sublime, sweet flavor and rich, savory finish
      Ingredients: Organic white tea.

      [/toggle] [toggle title="Rishi Tea"] Rishi Tea

      Rishi Teas are of the highest quality organic and Fair Trade Certified loose leaf teas, fresh each season and direct from tea gardens around the world. Rishi’s experts travel thousands of miles each year to work hands-on with skilled artisans whose families have been making traditional teas and herbs for generations. These direct relationships allow Rishi to produce rare and exclusive teas that offer an unmatched level of freshness. Being at origin to maintain these relationships ensures quality and authenticity their teas and herbs.

    • Pastries etc

      • Apple Turnover
      • Bagels
      • Croissants:
      Plain/Chocolate/Almond/Wholewheat/Ham & Swiss
      • Danishes:
      Cheese/Apple Cinnamon/Pear/Plum
      • Muffins:
      Lemon Poppy-seed/Blueberry/Walnut/Choc-Chip/Apple Cinnamon/Bran
      • Gluten Free Brownies
      • Chicken Salad / Tuna Salad (On Bagel + Croissant)

    Ceci Cela

    At The Chipped Cup, we proudly offer a tasty selection of fresh pastries delivered daily from New York City’s famous patisserie Ceci-Cela founded by celebrated French pastry chef Laurent Dupal. Chef Dupal’s insistence upon the best ingredients in the highest artisanal quality pastry possible has won Ceci Cela countless awards and accolades. It is home to the “Best Croissant in New York” as declared by Seriouseats.com
    Ceci Cela Logo