“This charming little uptown coffee shop might not boast much in the way of space, but what it lacks in roominess it far makes up for in attitude and ambiance, doling out delicious cups of Counter Culture coffee and delectable pastries to fiercely loyal clientele. “

Rebecca Fishbein, The 10 Best Coffee Shops In NYC


[caption id="attachment_1699" align="aligncenter" width="732"]Gothamist Gothamist: The 10 Best Coffee Shops In NYC[/caption]


“We’re never far from from chain brand java in times of desperation, but there are always better options if you know where to look. To that end, app company Butterfruit Labs put together a coffee shop map that name drops the best coffee shop by subway stop.”

Nell Casey, Gothamist: Where To Get Good Coffee Near Every Subway Stop In Manhattan



“…a sofa, a powder blue Marzocco staffed by sunny baristas. Counter Culture Coffee prepared with care.”

Oliver Strand, The New York Times: The Scoop


“The Quaint but cool new cafe exists as a relaxed oasis in the ever-bustling area of West Harlem. Located at 3610 Broadway, between 148th and 149th street, The Chipped Cup is a charming escape to a cozy atmosphere.”

Latha Jayakumar, Amsterdam News


‘The Best Neighborhood Coffee Shops In Manhattan’

Catherine Ku, The Business Insider: Untapped Cities